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Casting revonovation process

Specify the following...

1. Remove hammer marks and corrosion.

2. Parts shall be blue passivated.

3. Effectively clean all parts

4. All components to be individually wired.

5. Offer to pay a contribution for fresh brightener.

6. Ask about low or appropriate voltage.

7. Lay out the parts. Photograph and attach to your order. The plater will use the picture to find the missing parts in the filter system if things don't go to plan!

Zinc Plating

Electrodeposited zinc is the most widely applied electroplated finish. It is used to give a low cost protection against atmospheric corrosion.

Applied expertly it diffuses light causing focus difficulty. Diffused light is a pleasant aesthetic. Diffused light finish contrasts well with reflective black gloss frame parts. Most show winners have this quality.

Zinc components make up a small inexpensive part of the restoration process. A bucketful may
cost £45 and assures disappointment because the parts are plated using the barrel batch method. The technique can produce wonderful results particularly within a dedicated production line however it is not most restorer’s experience of the process. Better results come from the individually wired technique.

For your information inadequate brightener, poor pre-treatment or incorrect voltage within both systems causes dull finish. Within the trade dull coarse finish is called burning. A second attempt on the same parts is okay. The process will have immeasurable effect upon machined tolerance of each component.

Quality finish requires thorough acid clean of the parts, linish removal of hammer marks from spindle ends, linish of surface corrosion from brake rods, spacers and bolt ends. Sometimes parts are placed in a lathe to remove deep corrosion witness marks.

Parts are individually wired to a flight bar. This method does not cost £45.