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Casting revonovation process

Specialist Chrome Plating...

Wheel Rims

Rims should be placed on a surface plate or piece of glass and checked for twist. Spoke tensioning will not remove or realign the rim edge.
Most tyre lever marks can be removed but identification numbers should be left alone.


Successful chrome plating of this metal is difficult for jobbing shop chrome platers. Polished parts are nickel-plated followed by chrome. The stress of chrome deposition causes the bond between nickel and aluminium to fail. Several months later chrome strips can be pulled from the casting.
Without knowledge of the aluminium type the jobbing shop will deposit chrome at the wrong voltage.


Chrome Dents

Detailed information about chrome plating can be found in several industrial bibles. The Canning manual is a good one and original copies sell well on eBay.

Of more relevance to you are the pitfalls and necessary preparation for a good job

Dents 3 Pipes Brazed Dents 3 Exhausts RepairedDents Removed Finished

Exhaust pipes are a constant source of nuisance and account for ninety percent of disappointment. Wheel rims and aluminium are similar.

A good exhaust pipe, free of dents will have chrome and nickel removed in a stripping tank. Subsequent immersion in a sodium hydroxide bath contributes to the removal of internal oil. Unfortunately it never seems to do a good enough job therefore the pipe should be stopped off and filled with decarbonizer.

Whilst carbon has little effect on the process, dry carbon deposits retain oil. Before chrome plating the pipe is immersed in a warm solution. The pre-clean encourages oil to migrate from the carbon into the solution. Start again.

Exhaust pipes with numerous dents can double expected costs. The pictures illustrate repairs,
which are let in, pulled, silver solder, or braze repaired.

Both braze and silver solder snots are linished and polished. Ideally, there shall not be a witness ring around the repair perimeter. Careful polishing goes some way to meeting the ideal state but cannot be guaranteed.

Dents 3 ExhaustsDent Repair Bench Dent Repair
Worse case example

A small number of dealers, RWHS Classic Bikes, Sayonara in Germany and Ole Larson in Sweden, being three examples, pay for a quality service even when the job ends up scrap. All of these quality restoration dealers have experienced high cost disappointment. They send original pipes for restoration. After stripping, repair, dent removal and 'metal lettingin' the exhaust pipes turned blue under the influence of a polishing wheel. Blue indicates that the metal is thin - often caused by previous chrome plating. Weld seams opened, metal ripped. Total cost of repair £500 excluding chrome. Approximately thre months later pin pricks appeared on the surface of two pipes rendering them useless. Dealers absorb these costs and so will you. I cannot indemnify you for these unfortunate circumstances caused by internal corrosion within 40-year-old metal.

Dents 1 Exhaust on BenchRepaired Exhaust