Frequently Asked Questions...

Q Does the engine have to be stripped down for cleaning? A Yes.
Q Can I leave in the valve guides and cylinder liners? A Yes.
Q Do I have to remove engine studs? A Yes. We can remove them if preferred, however this adds to the quoted price.
Q Is it better to re-bore the engine before or after cleaning? A After processing.
Q How long does the finish last? A The final finish is better than original. On the basis that they were not that good when new, then the ultra peened surface should look exceptional for years.
Q Can you finish magnesium? A Not in every case.
Q How do you prevent media entering the oilways? A By placing plastic plugs into all openings.
Q How would you like me to pay? A By cash preferably, cheques accepted in advance of collection.
Q How long does it take? A Usually 2 weeks.
Q Can you do it in one day by appointment? A Sometimes, it depends on the casting and quantity.