Casting revonovation process

Non-EU Customers...

Jobs from outside the European Community are subject to additional paperwork by the Customs and Excise department. This procedure is best handled by your freight forwarder.

InternationalCastings entering the UK for an industrial process are often exempt from taxation and we are prepared to collect and deliver your consignment from Manchester International Airport or freight terminal and to provide proof of invoice to satisfy the relevant authorities.

If you are not sure what's the best for you, telephone us:

Daytime: +44 (0)7702 824 298

Evenings: +44 (0)161 736 1718

European Customers...

Membership states of the EU are all governed by similar rules. The safe lifting weight of a parcel is 25Kg. Some couriers will deliver one box weighing more than 25Kg. Most four cylinder engines weigh 32Kg, so two boxes are required.

Our preferred courier in the UK is Parcel-2-Go. Outside the UK we use DHL.

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Parcel 2 Go

Outside UK

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